Frontend Features

Member Site

  • Change Password
  • Each Member can Select His Own Language
  • Account Overview
  • Real Time Purchase & Sale
  • View Multiple Pricing Plan
  • Member can Create 3 Types of Offers- Product, Service & Listing
  • Hot, New & Featured Types For Offer Management
  • Quick Search
  • Advance Search- by Offer Type, Location and Category
  • Search by Member Directory
  • Different Roles & Rights for Each Member
  • Member can View Online Statement
  • Member can View Transactions by Date Range
  • Member can Download XLS, CSV & PDF for Statement
  • Member can have Multiple Locations/Branches
  • Facility to Hide Certain Members from Other Members
  • Customized Member Area to Manage Sales/ Purchase
  • Daily Deals
  • Request Plastic Card Option
  • Personal/ Trading Profile
  • Search in Barter Map via Trading Name/ Region/ Category
  • Send Invitation to Non Member
  • Option to See All Current/Expired/Favourite Listings
  • Ability to View All New Members
  • Ability to View His Own Broker Information
  • Can View All Platinum Members
  • Ability to Add New User Account from Front End

Customer Reporting

  • Trade Volume Summary
  • Transaction & Fees Report
  • Sales & Purchase Report
  • Fees Receivable Report
  • Aged Fees Report


  • Credit/Debit Account
  • Integrated with Various Payment Gateway
  • Multiple Purchase
  • Pay Someone
  • Member can Top up Account with Credit Card to Pay Fees
  • Member can Pay Fees Due One Time Only Using Credit Cards
  • Eftpos System can be Used on Smart Devices
  • Facility for Zero Monthly Accounting Fee on Request
  • Barter Rewards Easy Pay Option

Buyer Features

  • Pay Barter Member Online
  • Favourite Offers and Listings
  • Contact Other Members about Offers and Listings
  • Share Offers and Listings on Social Sites
  • Buy Offers Online
  • Purchase History
  • Print Listings
  • Create Request/ Wanted Item
  • Email Notification

Seller Features

  • Debit Swipe Card- Receive Money from Other Member
  • Debit Barter Account
  • Process a Sale
  • Create Product, Service & Listing-3 Types of Offers to Sell
  • Multiple Images for Offer
  • Mark Listing as Daily Deal
  • 3 Options for Offer- Only Cash, Only Trade and Cash-trade Combination
  • Offers can be associated with Multiple Categories
  • Pickup, Delivery and Both as Shipping Options
  • Shipping can Be Charged in Trade Dollars
  • Sales History
  • Request Item Search
  • Email Notification

Backend Features

User Site

  • Change Password
  • Clocking from Backend to Any Member Front Account
  • Add/ Check Wish List
  • Check, Manage Referrals and Pay to a Referrer
  • Send Monthly Balance to All Members at One Click
  • View Top Ten Members Owing Cash Fees
  • View Member Visit Within Last 3 Days
  • View All Member Stats at One Click
  • Relist Services
  • Create, Edit, Delete Member Categories
  • Create, Edit, Move, Rename, Reposition, Delete Listing Categories
  • Add Categories for Service, Product or Both
  • Add, Edit, Delete Debt Collector
  • Add, View, Remove Members in Debt Collection based on Cash Fee Due
  • Issue Member Cards
  • Search a Member Card with Card Number
  • Add/ Edit a Member Card
  • Customized Site Details
  • Edit Site Configuration
  • Create, Edit New Groups with Different Permission Level
  • Create, Edit, Delete a Customized Pricing Plan
  • Create, Edit, Delete a Customized Commission Plan
  • Distribute Promotional Code for Discount

Ad-hoc Fees

  • Charge Monthly Fees Automatically
  • Charge Interest on Negative Balance
  • Charge Late Fees on Cash Due
  • Charge Transaction Fee
  • Customized Credit Balance


  • Financial History
  • Trade Volume Summary
  • Aged Fee Receivable
  • Fees Collected
  • Monthly Statement
  • Multiple Pricing Plan
  • Option to Change Fees per Pricing Plan

Business Intelligence/ Reporting

  • Charts & Drilled-down Reports
  • Transaction & Fees Report
  • Fees Receivable Report
  • Aged Fees Report
  • Sales & Purchase Report
  • Income & Expense Report
  • Goal & Achievement Report
  • All Members’ Info in CSV Report
  • New Member Report
  • Inactive Member Report based on Date
  • Non-purchase Customer Report
  • Accounts in Debt Collection Report
  • Closed/ Pending Accounts Report
  • Trade Volume Report by Region or City
  • Download Trading Summary Report on CSV
  • Graphic Representation of Trading Report
  • Generate Broker Report
  • Graphic Representation of Commission Income Report


  • Only Trade Transaction
  • Only Cash Transaction
  • Transaction with Cash and Trade Combination
  • Manual Transaction for Trade
  • Manual Transaction for Cash
  • Plastic Card Authorization
  • Pay Someone
  • Debit Account
  • Manual Entry for Cash Received
  • Account Adjustment
  • Reverse a Transaction
  • Issue/ Redeem Vouchers

Restrictions based on Unpaid Fees

  • Reduce Credit Line
  • Remove Credit Line
  • Reduce Trade Balance
  • No Authorization

Customer Relationship Management

  • 360 Degree Customer View
  • Activity Log
  • Create, View a Note about a User


  • Ad-hoc Customer Report
  • Broker Performance Report
  • View Searches Made by Customer
  • Broker Sales and Purchase Report

Log & History

  • Member Detail Tracking
  • View Member Activity Log
  • View Staff Activity Log

Staff Management

  • 4 Level Hierarchies for Staff
  • Different Access Rights for Staff Level
  • Department Management
  • Department-based Access Rights
  • Assign Multiple Members to Staff at One Click
  • Multiple Commission Plans for Staff
  • Member Assignment from Inactive Staff to New Staff at One Click
  • Different types of Status like Active/ Pending/ Spending Down/ Debt Collection/ Frozen


  • Schedule, Automated & Future Dated Newsletter
  • Send Emails to All Members
  • Send Email to Specific Members

Alert & Notifications

  • Send Email to Member after Each Transaction
  • Send Email to Member when User Asks Questions about His Offer or Listings
  • Send Email to Member when Someone Requests a Quote
  • Send Email to Member when Purchase or Sale is Made
  • Send Email to Member when Order Status Changes
  • Send Reminders to Aged Cash Due
  • Reset Reminders for Aged Cash Due
  • Send email to member after successful registration

Content Management

  • Multilingual
  • Each Staff can Select His Own Language
  • Customizable Email Template
  • Support Globalization if Required


  • Document Management
  • Exchange Multiple Offices